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About Writer's Brick

Writer's Brick is a fun contest we developed to help encourage kids to use their creative writing abilities. We enjoy reading all of the fun adventures and playing through your stories when we animate them. If you enjoy the contest or have ideas on how we can make it better then we would love to get an email from you to info@WritersBrick.org.

Each month's contest has three major parts:
1. A writing prompmt is published.
2. Short stories are sent to Writer's Brick.
3. Winners are chosen. Some win prizes while others get their story animated.

Writer's Brick was developed from our YouTube channel, Fun with Jay And Harm. There we share videos about learning, fun, and toys with you. We are two sisters, Jay and Harm, who love to share our experiences while we laugh and learn. We are homeschooled and many of our videos are incorporated into our lessons. Check out our content on these social media sites:

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